Home Tollywood Dhanush SIR-VAATHI 15 Days WW Collections!!

Dhanush SIR-VAATHI 15 Days WW Collections!!


Dhanush SIR-VAATHI 15 Days WW Collections!!

Dhanush SIR-VAATHI 15 Days WW Collections!!
Dhanush SIR-VAATHI 15 Days WW Collections!!

VAATHI/SIR Movie 15 Days WW Collections: Kollywood Star Hero Dhanush’s latest movie Vaathi/Sir Movie enters into 3rd week and movie still going strong at box office.

Here is Day Wise SIR Movie AP TG Collections
👉Day 1: 2.65Cr
👉Day 2: 3.15Cr
👉Day 3: 3.05Cr
👉Day 4: 1.15Cr
👉Day 5: 92L
👉Day 6: 72L
👉Day 7: 62L
👉Day 8: 67L
👉Day 9: 92L
👉Day 10: 1.31Cr
👉Day 11: 59L
👉Day 12: 47L
👉Day 13: 37L
👉Day 14: 32L
👉Day 15: 28L

AP-TG Total:- 17.19CR(32.18
CR~ Gross)

Here is SIR Movie Day 15 AP TG Collections
👉Nizam: 11L
👉Ceeded: 4L
👉UA: 4L
👉East: 3L
👉West: 1L
👉Guntur: 2L
👉Krishna: 2L
👉Nellore: 1L
AP-TG Total:- 0.28CR(0.50CR~ Gross)

Here is SIR Movie Telugu Version 15 Days Collections
👉Nizam: 6.97Cr
👉Ceeded: 2.45Cr
👉UA: 2.46Cr
👉East: 1.57Cr
👉West: 69L
👉Guntur: 1.29Cr
👉Krishna: 1.13cr
👉Nellore: 63L
AP-TG Total:- 17.19CR(32.18CR~ Gross)
👉KA+OS – 1.28Cr
Total WW Collections – 18.47CR(34.90CR~ Gross)

Movie Overall Valued Business = APTG- 5.50Cr(WW – 6.20Cr)
Break Even= AP TG: 6Cr( 6.70CR WW)
*Movie Total Profit – 11.77Cr Profit As Of NOW – Towards TRIPLE BLOCK BUSTER 

Here is Vaathi Movie 15 Days WW Collections Report
👉Tamilnadu – 33.50Cr
👉Telugu States – 32.18Cr
👉Karnataka – 7.45Cr
👉Kerala – 1.06Cr
👉ROI – 1.05Cr
👉Overseas – 21.90CR~
Total WW Collections – 97.14CR(50.50CR~ Share)

Movie Overall Valued Business = 35CR
Break Even= 36CR
*Movie Total Profit – 14.50Cr Profit As Of NOW – SUPER HIT

Day 1 WW Collections — 7.65CR~(14.81CR~ Gross)
Day 2 WW Collections — 9.40CR~(18.08CR~ Gross)
Day 3 WW Collections — 9.05CR~(17.25CR~ Gross)
Day 4 WW Collections — 2.80CR~(5.52CR~ Gross)
Day 5 WW Collections — 2.40CR~(4.45CR~ Gross)
Day 6 WW Collections — 2.20CR~(4.10CR~ Gross)
Day 7 WW Collections — 1.90CR~(3.65CR~ Gross)
Day 8 WW Collections — 2.15CR~(4.17CR~ Gross)
Day 9 WW Collections — 2.85CR~(5.63CR~ Gross)
Day 10 WW Collections — 4.25CR~(8.35CR~ Gross)
Day 11 WW Collections — 1.65CR~(3.15CR~ Gross)
Day 12 WW Collections — 1.32CR~(2.53CR~ Gross)
Day 13 WW Collections — 1.06CR~(2.01CR~ Gross)
Day 14 WW Collections — 1.00CR~(1.90CR~ Gross)
Day 15 WW Collections — 0.82CR~(1.54CR~ Gross)

Here is VAATHI/SIR Movie Pre Release Business Details(Valued)
👉Tamilnadu – 19.00Cr
👉Telugu States- 5.50Cr
👉Karnataka- 3Cr
👉ROI – 1.50Cr
👉Overseas – 6CR
Total WW Business – 35CR(Break Even – 36CR)

Disclaimer: Box Office data is compiled from various sources. We make every effort to verify and give you correct information. However, we do not take any responsibility for authenticity of this data in any manner.


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