Kesari 3 Days Collections…Crossed 56cr


Kesari 3 Days Collections…Crossed 56cr

Kesari 3 Days Collections...Crossed 56cr
Kesari 3 Days Collections…Crossed 56cr

Akshay Kumar kesari shows superb growth in night shows on day 3, Movie collected very good collections and that helped movie to go past 55cr plus in 3 days.

On 3rd day by evening shows everyone hoping that movie will collect around 15 to 17cr range collections, but online bookings for night shows going strength to strength so it can go further we expected.

That happened and movie collected over 18.6cr net collections on day 3 and movie crossed 56cr plus net collections in 3 days. Movie sold for 80cr range in india and it need to collect 140cr net collections to get past clean hit status.

Here is 3 days collections of Kesari movie released by Dharma productions
Day 1 —–21.06Cr
Day 2 —-16.75Cr
Day 3 —18.75cr
Total —–56.56Cr


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