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[email protected] 7 Collections…Sensational Hold


[email protected] 7 Collections…Sensational Hold

Majili@Day 7 Collections...Sensational Hold
[email protected] 7 Collections…Sensational Hold

Box office super hit Majili roaring at box office with its positive talk power, Movie collected 1.66cr share on day 6 and worldwide collected 1.83cr share, taking total movie collected 20.11cr share in AP TG and worldwide 25.41cr share with over 40cr gross.

Coming to day 7, despite Election poling day movie holds really well in all areas, especially Nizam and vizag areas ruling box office, movie occupancy also on par with Day 6 collections.

Which indicates movie will collect same collections like Day 6, in some areas movie may collect more that what it collected on day 6, which is fantastic hold on 7th day, lets see how much movie will collect on day 7..


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