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Virupaksha 25 Days Total Collections!


Virupaksha 25 Days Total Collections!

Virupaksha 25 Days Total Collections!
Virupaksha 25 Days Total Collections!

Virupaksha 25 Days Collections: Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej’s latest movie Virupaksha enters into 4th week working days. Movie already got very good profits, What ever comes from now is big bonus for this film.

Here is Virupaksha Movie Day Wise AP TG Collections
👉Day 1: 4.79CR
👉Day 2: 5.80CR
👉Day 3: 5.77CR
👉Day 4: 3.01CR
👉Day 5: 2.40CR
👉Day 6: 1.84CR
👉Day 7: 1.50CR
👉Day 8: 1.12CR
👉Day 9: 1.84CR
👉Day 10: 2.38CR
👉Day 11: 1.66CR
👉Day 12: 76L
👉Day 13: 58L
👉Day 14: 46L
👉Day 15: 41L
👉Day 16: 65L
👉Day 17: 85L
👉Day 18: 38L
👉Day 19: 27L
👉Day 20: 21L
👉Day 21: 20L
👉Day 22: 17L
👉Day 23: 22L
👉Day 24: 27L
👉Day 25: 14L

AP-TG Total:- 37.68CR(65.95CR~ Gross)

Here is Virupaksha movie 25 Days Total collections
👉Nizam: 16.05Cr
👉Ceeded: 5.55Cr
👉UA: 5.26Cr
👉East: 2.62Cr
👉West: 1.89Cr
👉Guntur: 2.52Cr
👉Krishna: 2.53Cr
👉Nellore: 1.26Cr
AP-TG Total:- 37.68CR(65.95CR~ Gross)

👉KA+ROI – 2.94Cr
👉OS – 5.86Cr
👉Other Languages – 57L~

Total World Wide – 47.05CR(87.60CR~ Gross)

Day 1 WW Collections — 6.35CR(11.85CR~ Gross)
Day 2 WW Collections — 7.30CR(12.75CR~ Gross)
Day 3 WW Collections — 7.17CR(12.40CR~ Gross)
Day 4 WW Collections — 3.53CR(6.35CR~ Gross)
Day 5 WW Collections — 3.32CR(6.25CR~ Gross)
Day 6 WW Collections — 2.24CR(4.30CR~ Gross)
Day 7 WW Collections — 1.75CR(3.30CR~ Gross)
Day 8 WW Collections — 1.30CR(2.40CR~ Gross)
Day 9 WW Collections — 2.16CR(4.15CR~ Gross)
Day 10 WW Collections — 2.64CR(4.95CR~ Gross)
Day 11 WW Collections — 1.83CR(3.35CR~ Gross)
Day 12 WW Collections — 1.04CR(1.90CR~ Gross)
Day 13 WW Collections — 0.76CR(1.45CR~ Gross)
Day 14 WW Collections — 0.57CR(1.10CR~ Gross)
Day 15 WW Collections — 0.80CR(1.80CR~ Gross)
Day 16 WW Collections — 0.94CR(1.95CR~ Gross)
Day 17 WW Collections — 1.27CR(2.75CR~ Gross)
Day 18 WW Collections — 0.48CR(1.00CR~ Gross)
Day 19 WW Collections — 0.29CR(0.65CR~ Gross)
Day 20 WW Collections — 0.22CR(0.50CR~ Gross)
Day 21 WW Collections — 0.22CR(0.50CR~ Gross)
Day 22 WW Collections — 0.18CR(0.40CR~ Gross)
Day 23 WW Collections — 0.24CR(0.50CR~ Gross)
Day 24 WW Collections — 0.29CR(0.70CR~ Gross)
Day 25 WW Collections — 0.15CR(0.35CR~ Gross)

Movie Overall Valued Business = 22.20Cr
Break Even= 23Cr~
*Movie Total Profit- 24.05Cr as of now – Double BLOCK BUSTER Plus

Here is Virupaksha WW Valued Business Details
👉Nizam: 7Cr
👉Ceeded: 3.7Cr
👉Andhra: 8.5Cr
AP-TG Total:- 19.20CR
👉Ka+ROI: 1.50Cr
👉OS: 1.50Cr
Total WW Business– 22.20CR( Break Even – 23CR~)

Disclaimer: Box Office data is compiled from various sources. We make every effort to verify and give you correct information. However, we do not take any responsibility for authenticity of this data in any manner.


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