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Rakshasudu 17 Days WW Collections Report


Rakshasudu 17 Days WW Collections Report

Rakshasudu 17 Days WW Collections Report
Rakshasudu 17 Days WW Collections Report

Rakshasudu Completed another good weekend at box office, movie collected share of 13.5cr plus in 17 days…

Here is overall 17 days total collections report
Nizam – 5.14cr
Ceeded – 1.70cr
UA – 1.90cr
Guntur – 0.88cr
Krishna – 0.89cr
East – 0.92cr
West – 0.67cr
Nellore – 0.32cr
AP TG: 12.42cr
Ka & ROI: 0.70cr
Overseas: 0.40cr
WorldWide Share : 13.52cr

#Rakshasudu Day 17 Ap-TG: 0.35Cr
?Total 17 Days ApTg Collections: 12.42Cr
?Day 17 WW collections: 0.35Cr~
?Total 17 Days WW collections: 13.51Cr
?Break Even : 15.2cr(corrected)
Need:- 1.69Cr needed For Break Even
?Total Gross: 24.10Cr~

Movie Day Wise collections
       Ap-tg ———-WW
Day 1 – 1.99Cr         2.3Cr
Day 2 – 1.61Cr         1.74Cr
Day 3 – 2.18Cr          2.40Cr
Day 4 – 1.02Cr          1.16Cr
Day 5 – 0.65Cr           0.72Cr
Day 6 – 0.48Cr          0.52Cr
Day 7 – 0.40Cr           0.42Cr
Day 8 – 0.38Cr           0.40cr
Day 9 – 0.40Cr            0.42cr
Day 10- 0.62Cr           0.69Cr
Day 11 – 0.51Cr         0.52Cr
Day 12 – 0.34Cr        0.34Cr
Day 13 – 0.37Cr        0.38Cr
Day 14 – 0.47Cr         0.48Cr
Day 15 – 0.34Cr         0.35Cr
Day 16 – 0.34Cr         0.32Cr
Day 17 – 0.35Cr         0.35Cr
Total – 12.42Cr           13.51Cr
Still Movie need to collect 1.69cr for break even….

Here is overall Pre release business of Rakshasudu
Nizam – 5.50Cr
Ceeded – 2.1Cr
Andhra – 6Cr
Ap TG – 13.6Cr
Ka-ROI – 1.8Cr
OS – 0.8Cr
Total – 16.2Cr
Break Even – 17.2Cr

producers announces that in total business 2cr worth business was own, so by excluding that in overall business now movie target becomes 15.2cr and movie still need to collect some more share for clean hit.

Producer: Satyanarayana Koneru
Director Of Photography: Venkat C. Dileep
Music: Ghibran
Editor: Amar Reddy
Production Designer: Gandhi
Action Directors: Ram Lakshman, Vickey Master, Venkat
Lyrics: Sri Mani
Costume: Rekha Varma Narsimha
Sound Design: Sync Cinema
Art Director: GANDHI
Media Planning & Promotion: E3 Media
PRO: Kaka
Publicity Design: Ram Pedditi
Dialogue Writer: Vidya Sagar
Production House: A Studios
Worldwide Release: Abhishek Pictures


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