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Tollywood Top 5 Heros Part 1( Senior Heros)


Tollywood Top 5 Heros Part 1( Senior Heros)

Tollywood Top 5 Heros Part 1( Senior Heros)
Tollywood Top 5 Heros Part 1( Senior Heros)

Tollywood Box Office Range changed a lot, earlier movie result mostly based on movie run time, now thats changed to few weeks only. And for actors who has more number 100 days centers consider top stars, Now thats changed to highest collections…Lets see tollywood top 10 Heros list…

NOTE: First of all this list will be based on collections that collected from several sources…and this is not at all official reports from producers, though few films collections released by producers, most of them are trade sources and our sources collections..

We divided this list into two parts 1st for Senior Heros and other for Current top stars, Collections will be taken last 5 movies box office results, No special cameo roles, extended roles not considered in this list…

1. Chiranjeevi ( Last 5 Movies Collections)
Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy – 143.8cr*
Khaidino150 – 104.6cr
Shankar Dada Zindabad – 20Cr~
Stalin – 23.5Cr~
Jai Chiranjeeva – 15.5Cr~

Total Last 5 Movies collections: 307.40Cr*
Average 1 Movie Collections: 61.48Cr
Will change Chiranjeevi last 5 movies collections after Sye Raa completes its run

2. Venkatesh(Last 5 Movies Collections)
VenkyMama – 39.04Cr
F2(Multi Starer) – 84.51Cr

Gopala Gopala(Multi Starer) – 41.3Cr~
Masala(Multi Starer) – 10Cr~
Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu(Multi Starer) – 51.5Cr
Total Last 5 Movies collections(Multi Starer): 226.35Cr*
Average 1 Movie Collections: 45.27Cr

If We Not want to add Multi Starers
Guru – 18.6Cr~
Babu Bangaram – 28Cr~
Drushyam – 20Cr~
Shadow – 10.25Cr~
Bodyguard – 17.5Cr~
Total Last 5 Movies collections(solo): 94.35Cr*
Average 1 Movie Collections: 18.87Cr

3. Balakrishna(Last 5 Movies Collections) 
#Ruler: 10.05Cr
#NTR Part2: 3.78Cr
#NTR Part 1: 20.32Cr
#JaiSimha- 35.84Cr
#PaisaVasool- 20Cr~
Total Last 5 Movies collections: 89.99Cr*
Average 1 Movie Collections: 17.99Cr

4. Nagarjuna(Last 5 Movies Collections)
Devadas(Multi Starer) – 27.7Cr
Raju Gari Gadhi(Multi Starer) extended cameo – 19.2cr
Oopiri(Multi Starer)- 51.2Cr
Manam(Multi Starer)- 36.8Cr~
Total Last 4 Movies collections(Multi Starer): 134.90Cr*
Average 1 Movie Collections: 33.72Cr

If We Not want to add Multi Starers
Manmadhudu2 – 10.48Cr
Officer – 1.2Cr
Om Namo Venkatesaya – 10.02Cr
Soggade Chinni Nayana – 50Cr~
Bhai – 7Cr
Total Last 5 Movies collections(solo): 78.70Cr*
Average 1 Movie Collections: 15.74Cr

5. Raviteja(Last 5 Movies Collections)
DiscoRaja- 7.81Cr
Amar Akbar Anthony – 6Cr~

Nela Ticket – 10Cr~
Touch Chesi Chudu – 9.4Cr
Raja The Great – 31Cr~
Total Last 5 Movies collections: 64.21Cr*
Average 1 Movie Collections: 12.84Cr

Overall Top 5 Senior Hero’s(Box Office Potential For 1 Movie)

?#Chiranjeevi – 61.48Cr
?#Venkatesh: 18.87Cr
?#Balakrishna: 17.99cr
?#Nagarjuna: 15.74Cr
?#Raviteja: 12.84Cr

(Average 1 Movie Collections From Last 5 Movies)
After 10 Years Gap Megastar Still Dominating

At present time In Senior Heros Category this Heros will be in Top 5 Places… Megastar Still ruling Box Office Like a Boss… Will Update Current Star Heros Top Positions Soon


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