Sensational….Kanchana3 Two Days Collections


Sensational….Kanchana3 Two Days Collections

Sensational....Kanchana3 Two Days Collections
Sensational….Kanchana3 Two Days Collections

Lawrence Kanchana series latest movie Kanchana 3 holds really well on day 2 and some centers movie exceeded expectations, Trade expected movie will collect over 2 cr to 2.2cr range share on day 2 in AP TG.

But movie crossed 2.5cr mark, Here is movie day 2 shares in AP TG
Nizam – 0.91Cr
Ceeded – 0.51 Cr
UA – 0.31 Cr
Guntur – 0.17 Cr
East- 0.19 Cr
West – 0.16 Cr
Krishna – 0.17Cr
Nellore – 0.10 Cr
Total – 2.52 Cr

And here is total two days collections report in AP TG
Nizam – 2.16 Cr
Ceeded – 1.37 Cr
UA – 0.69 Cr
Guntur – 0.55 Cr
East- 0.61 Cr
West – 0.46 Cr
Krishna – 0.47Cr
Nellore – 0.23 Cr
Total – 6.54Cr

Kanchana 3 sold for almost 10cr in AP TG and movie need to collect over 11cr share and in just two days movie recovered almost 60% of business and movie need just 4.5cr share to break even in AP TG.


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