2019 Tollywood Hits – JERSYE Became 5th One


2019 Tollywood Hit Movies List

2019 Tollywood Hit Movies List
2019 Tollywood Hit Movies List

Every Industry getting very good results this year but for Tollywood only few films getting the clean hit status at box office, here is Movies that crossed clean hit status this year.

1. F2 Fun and frustration:
Movie business around 34.5cr, Movie collected 84.5cr share and verdict : Block buster

2. 118 Movie:
Movie business around 6.3cr, Movie collected 11.59 cr share and verdict : Super Hit

3. Chikati Gadilo Chitakkottudu:
Movie business around 1.8 cr, Movie collected 2.7 cr share and verdict : Hit

4. Majili:
Movie business around 21.14 cr, Movie collected 37cr+ share and verdict :  Blockbuster**

Movie business around 26 cr, Movie collected 20cr+ in 4days share and verdict :  Hit Loading

Dub Movies
1. Kanchana3:-
Movie business was around 10cr and movie collected 11cr share in 4 days and from now movie will gain good profits

Now JERSEY Movie will be break even in next few days, movie still going strong will end up as super hit to block buster range in final run for sure.

This are the movies crossed clean hit status this year. please bookmark this page, with every clean hit movie, we will update this page


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