Chitralahari Total WW Collections….SUPER HIT


Chitralahari Total WW Collections….SUPER HIT

Chitralahari Total WW Collections....SUPER HIT
Chitralahari Total WW Collections….SUPER HIT

Sai Dharam Tej’s latest movie Chitralahari Almost completed its box office, Movie slowed down considerably in 3rd week and collections were only coming in few lacks. And movie running nearly 40 range theaters in 4th week and when Maharshi enters into theaters Chitralahari will be out of theaters.

All in All Here is Chitralahari Total WW Collections report
Nizam: 4.5C
Ceeded: 2.42C
UA: 1.71C
East: 1.21C
West: 1.06C
Krishna: 1.08C
Guntur: 1.15C
Nellore: 0.55C
Total: 13.67C
Ka: 1.42C
ROI: 25L
USA :1.23Cr
ROW :18L
WW Share: 16.74Cr (Break Even 13.5cr)
👉Profit – 3.23cr ( SUPER HIT)
👉 WW Gross – 30.67Cr

Movie became first hit for Sai Dharam Tej after 2016 Supreme hit, Movie may collect few more lacks share at box office. All in all Chitralahari became one of best performance oriented film for Sai Dharam Tej…


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