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iSmart Shankar 5 Days Total WW Collections Report


iSmart Shankar 5 Days Total WW Collections Report

iSmart Shankar 5 Days Total WW Collections Report
iSmart Shankar 5 Days Total WW Collections Report

iSmart Shankar Passed monday test with flying colors, movie collected share of 2.47cr on day 5 in AP TG and 5 days ap tg collections crossed 23.77cr mark, and coming to 5 days worldwide collections movie crossed 26cr plus share…

here is movie 5 Days ww collections
Nizam- 10.47C
Ceeded- 4.14C
East- 1.52C
West- 1.17C
Krishna- 1.46C
Guntur- 1.49C
Nellore- 0.82C
Total – 23.77C
Ka – 1.26C
ROI – 43L
OS – 67L
5 Days WW Collections – 26.13Cr( Gross Trade 47Cr- Producer 53Cr)

Here is movie day 5 AP TG Collections
Nizam: 1.06 Cr
Ceeded: 55 L
Vizag: 30 L
East: 12 L
West: 11 L
Krishna: 12 L
Guntur: 13 L
Nellore: 8 L
Total Day 5 AP/TG: 2.47Cr

Here is movie 4 Days ww Collections report
Nizam- 9.41C
Ceeded- 3.59C
East- 1.40C
West- 1.06C
Krishna- 1.34C
Guntur- 1.37C
Nellore- 0.74C
Total – 21.30C
Ka – 1.21C(*Corrected)
ROI – 41L
OS – 62L
4 Days WW Collections – 23.54Cr( Gross Trade 42Cr- Producer 46Cr)


Here is Movie Day 4 AP TG Collections
Nizam – 2.04Cr
Ceeded – 0.86Cr
UA – 0.56Cr
Guntur – 0.30Cr
Krishna – 0.31Cr
East- 0.32Cr
West – 0.25Cr
Nellore – 0.17Cr
Total AP/TG — 4.81 Cr

Here is overall 3 Days WW Collections Report
Nizam- 7.37Cr
Vizag- 1.83Cr
East- 1.08Cr
West- 0.81Cr
Krishna- 1.02Cr
Guntur- 1.07Cr
Nellore- 0.57Cr
Total – 16.48Cr
Ka – 62L
ROI – 34L
OS – 56L
3 Days WW Collections – 18Cr( Gross Trade 32Cr- Producer 36Cr)

Here is Day 3 AP TG Collections Report
Nizam – 2.03Cr
Ceeded – 0.80Cr
UA – 0.45Cr
Guntur – 0.27Cr
Krishna – 0.24Cr
East- 0.29Cr
West – 0.20Cr
Nellore – 0.15Cr
Total AP/TG — 4.43 Cr

Here is 2 days WW Collections Report
Nizam- 5.34C
Vizag- 1.38C
East- 0.79C
West- 0.61C
Krishna- 0.78C
Guntur- 0.81C
Nellore- 0.42C
Total – 12.06Cr
Ka – 47L
ROI – 30L
OS – 44L
2 Days WW Collections – 13.27Cr

here is movie day 2 ap tg collections
Nizam – 1.98 C
Ceeded – 0.72 C
UA – 0.52 C
East – 0.29 C
West – 0.21 C
Krishna – 0.25 C
Guntur – 0.24 C
Nellore – 0.12 Cr
Day 2 : 4.32Cr(Sensational Hold)

Ismart Shankar overall pre release details below…
Nizam: 7.20cr
Andhra: 6.50cr
ceeded: 3.33cr
Ap-TG: 17.03Cr
Karnataka: 1.50cr
ROI: 65L
OS: 1.1Cr
Total = 20.28cr
but few areas makers releasing by own… by excluding that in the business overall pre release business of Ismart Shankar will be around 17.8cr says trade experts…

Cast & Crew :
Starring : Ram Pothineni,Nidhhi Agerwal, Nabha Natesh,Satya Dev
Story,Screen Play, Direction : Puri Jagannadh
Music: Mani Sharma
Art : Jonny Shaik
Editor : Junaid Siddiqui
D.O.P : Raj Thota
Lyrics : Bhaskarabatla
Produced by : Puri Connects (Puri Jagannadh , Chamme kaur )
Presented by : Lavanya
Banner : Puri Connects , Puri Jagannadh Touring Talkies


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