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2.0 Review…Masterpiece


  Director Shankar’s Most ambitious movie Robo 2.0 hits the screens today…Super Star Rajni and Super Star Akshay Played main roles and Ami Jackson Playing female lead in this spectacular movie.

Story Line: Akshay Kumar commits suicide for unknown reasons…then suddenly some murders will happen for same unknown reasons…Doctor Vashikar find out some chitti is the solution for this.. After Chitti enters how things turnout for Villain is the story..


Performance: Rajni and is heart and soul for the movie and updated 2.0 version has heavy heroism scenes…that will clap worthy to watch..Akshay role was terrific and his flashback scenes also came out well. Amy Jackson role is limited and he acted as Robo.

Rahman music is biggest and his background score for this epic is hollywood range…screen play, editing and cinematography is top notch. shankar direction is out of the world…

The way he handled graphics is amazing…2.0 is by far the best 3 D movie made in india…and the interval episode and climax episode was simply out of the world experience in 3D.

Overall 2.0 will exceed ur expectations while watching it. And its ultimate comeback movie for both Rajni and Shankar

T2bLive Rating—4 Stars


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