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Kalyan Ram “118” Movie Review

Kalyan Ram "118" Movie Review
Kalyan Ram “118” Movie Review

After gigantic hit like patas kalyan Ram waiting for next hit like patas. But that not happened with regular commercial movies, so Kalyan Ram decided to experimental movie and accepted K V Guhan’s 118 script and movie released today…

Story Line:
Kalyan Ram is TV media journalist Goutam and he lives happily with his love interest Shalini Pandey… but suddenly in every dream of him, he sees some girl in problem and asking for help… Kalyan Ram and team try to add up the clues from his dream. how he solved this problem is the story line.

High lates:

KalyanRam’s best look and best performance
BGM & CG are superb
KAGuhan Direction
Good  Racy Screenplay
Production value
NivethaThomas gets a meaty role for performance and she has nailed it.

Minus points :

flash back episode is just ok
regular climax
some times slows down in second half

Final words:
overall this is Kalyan Ram’s recent best movie after patas for sure…Given the genre, this film might find limited audience appeal only. Audience who have an appetite for different film might give it a try.

Final Rating: 3 stars


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