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2022 Tollywood Total HIT Movies List


2022 Tollywood Total HIT Movies List

2022 Tollywood Total HIT Movies List
2022 Tollywood Total HIT Movies List

2022 Tollywood Total HIT Movies: Lot of movies releases in this year in Tollywood but only few films crosses its break even targets…in the list almost close to half movies from other industries, this list may increase by end of this year…. Here is total hit movies according to release dates…

👉Movie Business: 38.15Cr~
👉Break Even: 39Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 35.75Cr
👉WW Share : 39.15Cr
👉Total Gross : 66Cr~
👉Total Profit: 15L
👉Movie Verdict: (HIT)

👉Movie Business: 8.95Cr~
👉Break Even: 9.50Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 14.14Cr
👉WW Share : 17.25Cr
👉Total Gross : 30.30Cr~
👉Total Profit: 7.75CR
👉Movie Verdict: (BLOCK BUSTER)

👉Movie Business: 451Cr~
👉Break Even: 453Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 272.31Cr
👉WW Share : 614.06Cr
👉Total Gross : 1152.40Cr~
👉Total Profit: 161.04CR
👉Movie Verdict: (BLOCK BUSTER)

4. KGF Chapter 2(DUB)
👉Movie Business: 78Cr~
👉Break Even: 79cr+
👉AP TG Total Share: 84.25Cr
👉Total Gross: 136.85Cr
👉Total Profit: 5.25CR
👉Movie Verdict: (HIT)

5. College DON (DUB)
👉Movie Business: 1.30Cr~
👉Break Even: 1.50cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 2.18Cr
👉Total Gross: 4.35Cr
👉Total Profit: 68L
👉Movie Verdict: (HIT)

6. Major The Film
👉Movie Business: 18Cr~
👉Break Even: 19Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 17.85Cr
👉WW Share : 33.35Cr
👉Total Gross : 64Cr~
👉Total Profit: 14.35CR
👉Movie Verdict: (BLOCK BUSTER)

7. Vikram HIT LIST (DUB)
👉Movie Business: 7Cr~
👉Break Even: 7.50cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 17.80Cr
👉Total Gross: 31.40Cr
👉Total Profit: 10.30CR
👉Movie Verdict: (Double Block Buster plus)

8. Vikrant Rona (DUB)
👉Movie Business: 1.25Cr~
👉Break Even: 1.50cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 4.07Cr
👉Total Gross: 8.05Cr
👉Total Profit: 2.57CR
👉Movie Verdict: (Double BLOCK BUSTER Plus)

👉Movie Business: 15.60Cr~
👉Break Even: 16.20Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 33.16Cr
👉WW Share : 37.92Cr
👉Total Gross : 65.20Cr~
👉Total Profit: 21.72CR

10. Sita Ramam
👉Movie Business: 16.20Cr~
👉Break Even: 17.00Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 23.47Cr
👉WW Share : 46.50Cr
👉Total Gross : 98.10Cr~
👉Total Profit: 29.50CR

11. Karthikeya 2
👉Movie Business: 12.80Cr~
👉Break Even: 13.30Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 33.35Cr
👉WW Share : 58.40Cr
👉Total Gross : 121.50Cr~
👉Total Profit: 45.10CR
👉Movie Verdict: (Quadruple BLOCK BUSTER PLUS)

12. Brahmastra (DUB)
👉Movie Business: 5Cr~
👉Break Even: 5.50cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 13.30Cr
👉Total Gross: 26.35Cr(30.60CR inc ALL)
👉Total Profit: 7.80CR
👉Movie Verdict: (Double BLOCK BUSTER Plus)

13. Oke Oka Jeevitam
👉Movie Business: 7.50Cr~
👉Break Even: 8.00Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 6.81Cr
👉WW Share : 11.03Cr
👉Total Gross : 26.15Cr~
👉Total Profit: 3.03CR
👉Movie Verdict: (SUPER HIT)

14. KANTARA (DUB)( Still Running)(53 Days)****
👉Movie Business: 2.1Cr~
👉Break Even: 2.30cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 28.13Cr
👉Total Gross: 53.20(56.20Cr inc ALL)
👉Total Profit: 25.83CR
👉Movie Verdict: (EPIC BLOCK BUSTER)

15. Sardar ( DUB )
👉Movie Business: 5.00Cr~
👉Break Even: 5.50cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 7.95Cr
👉Total Gross: 16.00Cr
👉Total Profit: 2.45CR
👉Movie Verdict: (BLOCK BUSTER)

16. Yashoda ( Still Running )(12 Days)****
👉Movie Business: 11.50Cr~
👉Break Even: 12.00Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 8.60Cr
👉WW Share : 13.85Cr
👉Total Gross : 29.65Cr~
👉Total Profit: 1.85CR
👉Movie Verdict: (SUPER HIT)

17. Masooda( Still Running )(5 Days)****
👉Movie Business: 1.30Cr~
👉Break Even: 1.50Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 2.26Cr
👉WW Share : 2.41Cr
👉Total Gross : 4.56r~
👉Total Profit: 0.91CR
👉Movie Verdict: (SUPER HIT)

18. Gaalodu( Still Running )(5 Days)****
👉Movie Business: 2.70Cr~
👉Break Even: 3.00Cr
👉AP TG Total Share: 2.92Cr
👉WW Share : 2.97Cr
👉Total Gross : 5.55r~
👉Total Profit: —
👉Movie Verdict: (HIT)

Lets see how many new movies will enter this list by end of 2022 year….


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